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The Organized Pastor

Doug is an extravert, like me. Extraverts love people, but some of us have a hard time organizing organizing ourselves and as a result the people we love don't feel loved by us. We forget to call. We miss appointments. We don't keep up with old friends. We lose track of new friends.

Doug's little book (and it is mercifully little - I read it in one and half sittings) offers ideas for organizing yourself and your work as a pastor. But more than ideas for apps, calendar systems, and planning methodologies Doug's book is an inspiring apologetic for why it's worth investing in organizing yourself. Maybe you don't share Doug's particular philosophy of ministry or theological tradition, but if you're a pastor or ministry leader and you want to love people well and consistently, pick up this little book.

Learn more about Doug, and check out his podcast, "I Heart the PCA", and explore more books from his imprint White Blackbird Books.


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