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About Us

Our Approach

The Flourish Coaching Philosophy begins with a simple question: “Who’s pastoring the pastor?” This question is particularly important in the relatively difficult works of church planting, renewal and revitalization, and support raising. Flourish exists to free leaders to be effective wherever God has placed them. We believe that when ministry leaders grasp the gospel for themselves, they can be humbly confident in their calling.


Influenced by the work of Dr. John Frame, Flourish coaches and consultants desire to work with their clients from three perspectives: the “should,” the “situation,” and the “self.”


Pastors come out of seminary knowing a lot, but that doesn’t mean they have all the skills and knowledge required to thrive in their calling. Flourish coaches help pastors know what they “should” be doing - the tasks that will help them grow in effectiveness. This perspective is also called the “normative” perspective. Coaches look to God’s word and their experience to help ministry leaders know what to do. 


The seminary is like a lab - a clean room environment where the big ideas of ministry and theology get discussed late at night over coffee and lack of sleep. But congregations are as diverse as the neighborhoods in which they exist. Flourish coaches help ministry leaders assess the “situation,” or the context. How do leaders apply truths given their particular place, resources, and people? Coaches help leaders adapt to their situation. 


Most importantly, and perhaps uniquely, Flourish coaches are interested in the leader himself. From this “self” perspective, called the “existential” perspective, Flourish coaches seek to minister to the man - his emotional and spiritual life. Why? Because many men aren’t caring for their own hearts and minds beyond preparing weekly lessons. This existential aspect is where Flourish coaches seek to bring the light of the gospel more fully to bear, this is where we “pastor the pastors.”

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