Flourish coaches work one on one with ministry leaders. Our coaching clients will be more effective in their calling because of their coaching relationship. Coaching clients get site visits and regular contact from their coach. An annual retreat for clients and their spouses offers a refreshing and enriching experience. Access to the Flourish Resource Vault supplies coaching clients with tools to succeed. 


There is no one right way to practically do the work of the local church. Each congregation has a set of gifts, resources, culture, and convictions that must be respected and leveraged for the sake of the spread of the gospel. Flourish consultants can guide congregations through vision expression, strategic planning, and pastoral search. Our philosophy of coaching infuses our consulting with gospel grace and pastoral care.


— Matthew Ryman, Pastor, 600+ member church

"Leading a large church for the first time is daunting. But with all there is to think about, it's clear I do my best thinking when I'm talking with my Flourish coach. What more could you want?"


How do you take the first steps of renewal or revitalization in a church? How can you have a healthier denomination? Why are pastors struggling with shame and fear? One day workshops with Flourish coaches gather groups of pastors in engaging and creative learning experiences. Flourish workshops can be brought to your district, presbytery, or region. 


Flourish is producing a Church Health Assessment (CHA) and a Renewal Pastor Assessment (RPA). Congregations can use the CHA to aid in pastoral search, visioning, and strategic planning. Regional church bodies and denominational agencies can use both assessments to target resources for renewal and match qualified candidates with ministry opportunities.


Our assessment gives churches a snap shot of where they’ve been, where they are, and where they might be going. Flourish surveys the congregation on demographic, doctrinal, and cultural dynamics. Working with leaders, the CHA articulates the narrative, values, and vision of the church.


Successful renewal and revitalization are often a combination of the right leader with the right congregation at the right moment. The RPA uses a three part assessment to help pastors understand their work style, gift mix, and personal spiritual health.

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