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About Us

Our Story:"Who's pastoring the pastors?"


In late 2014 three friends asked the question "Who pastors the pastors?” Ted Strawbridge, Paul Hahn, and Matt Bohling, all pastors themselves, began Flourish with a mission to free leaders to be effective wherever God has placed them.


In 2015, through one on one coaching, consulting with church leaders, conference and workshops Flourish coaches began working with ministry leaders. If leaders are flourishing, the ministries and churches they lead can flourish. Learn more about our coaching philosophy.

In 2016, Flourish was working with renewal/revitalization churches, church planting, and fundraising. Coaches offered workshops on managerial courage, healthy presbyteries, the gospel answer for pastoral shame, and the need for pastoral coaching. 


Also, in 2016, founding advisory board member Paul Hahn was named Coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Mission to North America. Paul continues the work of pastoral coaching, church planting, and revitalization in that role.


In 2018 founding advisory board member Matt Bohling transitioned to full time Executive Director of Flourish. Matt coaches renewal pastors and candidates raising funds for missions and planting. Chris Vogel, formerly director of NXTGEN Pastors and the On Wisconsin Network and present PCA MNA Church Planting and Vitality Coordinator joined the Flourish Advisory Board.


In 2019, Flourish developed a Church Health Assessment (CHA) and a Renewal Pastor Assessment (RPA). Congregations can use the CHA to aid in pastoral search, visioning, and strategic planning. Regional church bodies and denominational agencies can use both assessments to target resources for renewal and match qualified candidates with ministry opportunities.


In 2022, Flourish began to place Transitional Pastors in local congregations. These Transitional Pastors powerfully combine their pastoral experience and Flourish's market-leading tools to bless churches seeking to lay a good foundation for their next long-term pastor.

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