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Resource Highlight: The Practices of A Healthy Church

Each week, the Flourish team would like to recommend resources that will help you on your journey of Church Renewal. While we don’t endorse every single idea from every single resource we are attempting to cultivate a useful resource list for you. 

Resource: The Practices of a Healthy Church, by Donald J. MacNair with Esther L. Meek

Background: Don MacNair headed up church planting efforts for the RPCES for nearly 20 years before shifting his attention to helping established churches becomes vital again. This led to him founding Churches Vitalized and writing The Practices of a Healthy Church.

Take-aways: While everyone, including MacNair, is interested in church growth, MacNair sought to help congregations and their leaders that church growth was the fruit of a church becoming what we might call Great Commission healthy. That health includes such aspects as: a Biblical view of the church, becoming people of the Word, the place of gathered worship in forming God’s people, the importance of deploying people based on their gifts, the traits and critical roles of Elders in local congregations seeking renewal, and importantly the role of having a God-shaped vision for local ministry.

Source: You can purchase the book in either Kindle or print.


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