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Re-engaging with Real People

It was both wonderful and awkward due to masks and social distancing. This particular church did a really good job with everything to make it safe for those present. They were genuinely glad to be together. There were even some guests! 

Perhaps you have not been able to think about guests to your church at all in these times. That would be understandable frankly. However, you would be wise to begin to think about them. Thom Rainer recently refreshed a quite good blog piece on the traits of Genuinely Friendly Churches. We highly recommend you read and think through the piece carefully perhaps even reading it with your leaders. 

For more extensive thinking on how your church can welcome guests well, Gary McIntosh’s Beyond the First Visit is essential reading. 

May God not only help us survive Covid but also thrive in our welcoming of those He sends to us as guests.


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