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Flourish Workshops

Getting Off The Evangelism Plateau

You know your church or church plant should involve everyone in evangelism. But you’re having a hard time figuring out how to make relationships with unbelievers a priority for your people. Even if they were motivated you’re not sure if they could help a post-Christian come to faith in Christ. If so, Flourish’s Equipping for 21st Century Evangelism one day conference can be of help. Over a series of 5 sessions we’ll help you think through how to:

  • Make evangelism a priority for your church

  • Help people make more missional life choices

  • Teach people how to relate well for the long-haul to not-yet believers

  • Learn to hear someone’s story with an eye for gospel “doors” and “hooks"

  • The importance of evangelism as a community relational adventure

  • Move receptive people from unbelief towards belief through time

  • Understand the belief structures of today’s unbelievers so as to communicate well

  • Teach people a comprehensive gospel outline they can share over the course of a relationship

  • Prioritize gospel understanding for ourselves and intentional prayer for those who yet don’t know Christ

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