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Church Health Assessments

Accurate mirrors for helpful self-assessment

Have you ever looked in a mirror and been surprised (“Am I really that old?”)? Sometimes you have to look at yourself in the mirror to see who you really are. And not one of those fun house mirrors that distort the picture. You need an accurate mirror to do an accurate self-assessment.


Churches need a mirror too. The Flourish Church Health Assessment gives your team an accurate read on where you’ve been and where you are today. A Flourish coach takes you through the report and helps you figure out where God might be calling you in the future. 

Flourish walks with your leadership team over eight weeks to prepare, execute, and debrief the CHA. An informed, wise, and dedicated Flourish staff member will serve as your point person throughout the process and will take you through the resulting report to help you discover where God might be calling your church in the future. 

8 weeks to better clarity

Comprehensive Surveys

Our assessment aims to measure your congregation's lived experience and belief systems to detect differences between what your church professes to believe and what they actually practice. We also work to help leaders identify and engage with strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. A typical Church Health Assessment has five core components:

Leadership Self-Analysis

Demographic Survey

Doctrinal Survey

Biblical Cultural Dynamics Survey

Congregational Interviews

Results Reveal Narratives

Information is only as good as its context it is supported by. Through the process of the CHA, Flourish walks with your leadership team to draw out the narrative of your church's present state. We also work to engage with everyone who might think of your congregation as their home church. The information collected in these surveys helps establish a real picture of your congregation's beliefs and experiences in your church.

A scalable, affordable process

Some church assessments are so cost prohibitive that only the biggest budgets can afford them while others are so simplistic they aren’t really helpful.


The CHA is scalable and suitable for use for any congregation, from the largest and most complex to the smallest of church environments. The Flourish Church Health Assessment can be offered for as little as $2,500, depending on several factors including the number of onsite visits you request from your coach, the number of congregational interviews you’d like as part of your assessment, and the complexity of the situation.


Are you ready to get a biblical perspective on the health of your church? Are you skeptical that a truly biblical church health assessment can possibly exist? Do you have questions about this process? We’d love to talk with you about it. Contact us today.


Click here to view an excerpt from a sample report.

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