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Flourish Workshops

Church Life Cycle

Every organism has a lifecycle. Seeds sprout, plants flourish, and without cultivation, they might die. Churches are no different. Conservative estimates suggest 60% of Evangelical churches have plateaued or declined in attendance. Only 10% of churches are involved in planting new sites or congregations. Studies show between six to ten thousand churches close in America every year.

Where is your church in its lifecycle? The Flourish Church LifeCycle Workshop uses Ken Priddy’s Church LifeCycle as a starting point to identify the opportunities your church has to grow and change based on your current situation.

If you want to better understand the disruptive innovations your church leadership can take to refresh your church's hope in the gospel and gain strategic clarity, the Church LifeCycle Workshop will get you started.

Contact Flourish to bring the Church LifeCycle Workshop to your community or event.

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