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Flourish Workshops

A Healthy Community of Churches

Many individual congregations work together to advance their mission, maintain their theological tradition, and share resources. Methodists and Christian Missionary Alliance churches have districts. Baptists have associations. Presbyterians gather into presbyteries.

But these communities of churches need renewal just like individual Christians and churches. They drift from their mission, become myopic, tedious, and contentious.

The Healthy Communities of Churches Workshop from Flourish casts a vision for more efficiency in the work to be done, more focus on the mission of Jesus, and more camaraderie between co-laborers in ministry.

This workshop can be delivered as continuing education in an association meeting, or it can be expanded and combined with other workshops into a pastor’s and ministry leaders retreat including planning and coaching in implementation.

Would you like to see your community of congregations renewed? This workshop is a great way to begin the conversation. Contact Flourish to find out how one of our coaches can serve your association, district, presbytery or region.

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