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Pastoral Coaching?

From kids in recreational sports, to actors trying to master an accent, to executives growing in their leadership, everyone can benefit from a coach. Many coaches specialize in a skill or task. The world of life coaching is primarily driven by the idea that a facilitator can help bring out the best from within you to accomplish your goals. But what about pastors? Should pastoral coaching even be a thing?

3-Facet Coaching

Targeted, effective discipleship

Jesus spent three years walking beside his disciples, preparing them to lead his people and share his gospel. He asked them thought provoking questions (“who do you say I am?”), corrected their thinking (“you have heard it said…but I say to you”), and improved their performance (“the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”). In the church we call this instructional, life-lived-together kind of relationship “discipleship.” Pastoral coaching should just be targeted, effective discipleship.

Flourish calls pastors to a Great Commission vision for themselves and their ministries and help pastors become intentionally faithful in their personal lives. In turn, we help them lead their church to engage in the advancing kingdom of Jesus through evangelism and discipleship. We structure this discipleship as a 3-faceted coaching plan built around the following:

Personalized Coaching Plans

At the outset of the coaching contract, Flourish and the pastoral client develop five focus areas for the year. One of these areas is kept private, and can be a matter that the pastor is dealing with personally and spiritually. Two of the areas are developed in consultation with the leadership team of the church. The final two are developed by the coach and the client and shared with the leadership team. These five areas are meant to demonstrate growth in effectiveness.

Dedicated Coaches

Get to know our coaching staff

Flourish coaches are seasoned ministry leaders trained in 3-Facet Coaching by Flourish’s team leaders. Many of them have pastored churches for more than fifteen years. Unlike other coaching groups, Flourish coaches remain in close community to help them continue to grow in their own effectiveness. Clients have the opportunity to select a coach that with whom they feel comfortable.


Flourish clients have privacy in matters that are personal. Other than legal issues, or matters that would result in their removal from pastoral office, Flourish respects the need for privacy of our clients.



Months 1-2

Coaching video call, via Zoom, every two weeks.

Months 3-6

Monthly video coaching calls and site visit from coach (8 hour day).

Months 7--12

Monthly video coaching calls.

Site Visit

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