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Wes White


I've been in pastoral ministry for 15 years. Outside of pastoral service, I spent 2.5 years working in a factory, nine months working in a bank, and have held several other jobs. I also helped a friend start a natural gas company.

I want to coach pastors because I know pastoral work is hard, and pastors need support, encouragement, and helpful interaction on their work. My main goal in coaching pastors is to help them experience more joy in life and in ministry and to be able to love the Lord, their families, and their congregations well. I feel particularly well equipped to coach in areas of difficult relationships, time/workload management, and difficult emotional issues.

I've been married for 19 years to Melinda, and we have seven children: Anna, David, Geneva, Hope, Leah, Rochelle, and Virginia. I enjoy working out, Jiu Jitsu, studying virtually everything, and playing guitar.

A couple of great books that give insight to how I think include:

  • The Leader's Journey by Herrington, Creech, and Taylor

  • A Brief Reader on the Virtues of the Human Heart by Josef Pieper

  • Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey



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