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Flourish Workshops

The Gospel for the Ministry Leader

The last house to be finished is often the carpenter's. The same goes for gospel ministry - the last person to hear the gospel of their brokenness and God’s grace is pastor or ministry leader.

Shame, fear, sadness, and confusion keep pastors and ministry leaders from effectively fulfilling their calling, let alone leading renewal in their context.

Flourish sets pastors and ministry leaders free with the gospel - applied to them and their context - so that they can be effective.

An essential component of freeing ministry leaders to be effective is the Gospel for the Ministry Leader Workshop. In this workshop, a Flourish coach enters the struggle that many pastors and ministry leaders feel and brings the hope and light of the gospel to bear in those dark places.

One workshop attendee said, “I came to get my church renewed. I’m walking away personally renewed.” If you long for that personal renewal, contact a Flourish coach to bring the Gospel for the Ministry Leader to your church or gathering of pastors.

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